University of Alabama

Current Courses:

EN 512: Computers & Writing                                                                 

Graduate course that provides a survey of the field of computers and writing and examines the history and scholarship of writing technologies. Spring 2016.

EN 533/534: Practicum in Teaching College English
Graduate course for new Writing Program Teaching Assistants, emphasizing composition pedagogy, classroom strategies and scholarship. Fall 2015. Spring 2016.

Past Courses:

EN 309: Advanced Expository Writing                                                                  

Advanced composition course emphasizing research writing and structures of academic discourse. Course themed on researching the digital self. Fall 2015.


College of Staten Island

ENG 111: Introduction to College Writing
First-year composition course emphasizing process writing and structures of academic discourse. This course section was themed around writing about writing, and focused on studying literacy, writing processes, and discourse communities.

ENGH 151:College Writing
First-year composition course focused on analytical and research writing, emphasizing critically analyzing texts and writing about primary and secondary research. This course section is themed around writing and place.

ENL 438 / COM 438: Newspaper Reporting
Journalism course focused on reporting in the digital age, we explore journalism practice from print to multimedia reporting.

COM 446: Digital Design for Journalists
Journalism course emphasizing digital design skills and media convergence; second course in Digital Journalism sequence.

ENG 630: Writing Across the Curriculum

An introduction to the Writing Across the Curriculum movement, including theory, practice, institutional history, and current scholarship. Course themed on bridging WAC in secondary and university settings. Spring 2015.

ENG 686: Teaching of Writing
An introduction to the principal issues and debates in writing pedagogy and scholarship, focusing on the theoretical conversations surrounding the teaching of writing as well as practical applications.

University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign

INFO 303 / WRIT 303: Writing Across Media 
Advanced composition course exploring composition with images, sound, video, and other media while considering theoretical perspectives on rhetorical concepts such as authorship, audience, process, revision, and design. As part of the Ethnography of the University Initiative, this section also focused on qualitative inquiry and representation of the university through media.

ENGL 584: Literate Lives, Digital Times
Teaching Assistant to Gail Hawisher for graduate course. Facilitated computer lab portion of class focused on digital literacies. Assisted students in the composition of video projects and digital portfolios.

ART 250: Writing With Video
Advanced composition course focused on the exploration of video as a rhetorical medium. Students read theoretical and practical texts on video composition, engaged in creative and qualitative inquiry, and completed documentary video projects.

BTW 250: Principles of Professional Communication
Advanced composition course stressing elements of business and technical writing. Students studied rhetorical principles of workplace communication and completed collaborative research report.

University of Illinois Writing Project
Taught community teachers to compose with digital media in the university-sponsored summer institute.

Writing Across the Curriculum Seminar for Teaching Assistants
Assisted in the design and teaching of two-day professional development seminars for graduate students from across campus.

Comp B1: Intro to Composition
Composition course emphasizing academic writing conventions and source use for the Summer Bridge Transitions Program, a summer college-prep program for incoming students identified as at risk.

Composition Tutor, Summer Bridge Transitions Program
Tutored composition, study skills, and chemistry for a summer college-prep program for incoming students identified as at risk.

Illinois Central College

English 105: Basic Composition.

English 110: Composition I.

Literature 110: Introduction to Literature.

Ball State University

English 103: Rhetoric and Writing.